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Innovation creates change, change creates progress. 

We, at Knest, aspire to take the next step forward to create change and progress. We believe the true value of an idea lies in its use. To that endeavour, our extensive research & development (R&D) integrates technological breakthroughs into various steps of the construction process. 

The result serves the interests of the entire ecosystem and works for the greater good.

3D Virtual Reality Visualisation 

VR gives you WINGS

Using VR technology, the stakeholders can walk through the entire floor and observe everything on a 1:1 scale. 

  • Work in synergy & avoid unnecessary delays. 

  • Increase site productivity & reduce wastage. 

  • Navigate through the safety measures & ensure the best reliability standards. 

  • Get more creative with project designs & increase the aesthetic value. 

  • Save on project costs with easy approvals & error-free production. 

VR Art Exhibition

Signature Walls 

An innovation that just CHECKS all boxes. 

We are ready to let your walls speak your story, are you? 

  • Combine the best of aluminium formworks and formliners. 

  • Have highly customizable textures, gradients & graphics.  

  • Experience new design possibilities for all concrete walls.

  • Create with a superior alternative that is lighter & easy to handle.

  • Kindle inspiration for architects & interior designers.

  • Save time on effort, additional labour & maintenance. 


Unit No. 801/802, Om Chambers,

T-29/31, Bhosari Industrial Estate, Telco Road, Next to Toyota Showroom, Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra,  INDIA 411026



+91 8600400895


+91 8484869649

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