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8 Days Short Course

Want to become an Importer or Exporter?

Take your journey to next level by joining our 8 days short program on Import Export Business.

Whether you’re expanding a company into global markets, setting up a new business or looking to work for an international trade company, Our course will give you the competitive advantage you need.

Explore our course breakdown below or enroll now to get started.

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1. Introduction

  • What is business/trading?

  • What is Import Export Business

  • What is the future scope? 

  • How and who can start this business?

3. Sourcing Products and Sellers

  • Product Selection Strategy

  • Supplier Identification Process
    Product Export Worthiness
    Test report/COA etc
    Product wise market study

5. How to Find Buyers

  • Trade shows and exhibitions

  • Indian embassies

  • Export Promotion Councils

  • FIEO or Chamber Of Commerces

  • Personal Visits

  • Port Database

7. Packaging & Stuffing

  • Types of packaging based on products

  • Ways of stuffing products in container

  • Factory stuffing and Dock Stuffing

9.  The Agency Agreement

  • Agreement with Supplier/Manufacturer/producer

  • Agreement with a commission agent

  • Agreement with Overseas Representative

  • Agreement with marketing agencies

2. Starting in Importing and Export

  • Basic Requirements

  • Import Process Cycle 

  • Export Process Cycle

  • Customs Procedure

  • Company Setup

  • Documentations

  • Certifications

4. Trade Terms

  • Incoterms

  • HS Codes

  • Payment Terms

6. Logistics and Trasportation

  • Modes/Means of transportations

  • Types of Vessels

  • Types of Containers

8. Advertising

  • How to write display ads

  • Press releases

  • The art of writing classified ads

  • How to make your classified ads work

  • How to write irresistible advertising copy

10. Laws & Regulations

  • Prohibited and restricted imports

  • Importation permits/compliances

  • Identify documents requirements for import – export of goods

  • Completing and checking documents

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How Will You Benefit?

There are many benefits associated with studying our import-export courses online. For example, you will:

  • Start your Import Export Business

  • Fast-track your career in international trade

  • Study a course that has been designed in consultation with international trade experts

  • Learn at your own pace, balancing study with existing commitments

  • Save time and money by not attending in-person classes

  • Have your own personal tutor to answer questions and provide advice

Learn the inside secrets

  • How to set up your business (sole trader, partnership or company)

  • How to source products and suppliers

  • How to find buyers and sellers

  • How to get free government assistance (for start-ups and established business)

  • Important banking and foreign exchange procedures

  • How to find the right freight forwarder

  • Customs procedures for importing and exporting

  • How to calculate how much money you get paid, and how to make sure you get it

  • How to take the risk out of all your deals

  • The strategies and sample letters that will get you started today

  • How to obtain and source vital contacts

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Discover the benefits for yourself

by enrolling in our online International Trade courses today!

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