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The day I got to know this fact that we are all energy and we have to come in coherence with the cosmos to manifest whatever we want. I came across THE SECRET and started practicing the Law of Attraction, which changed my life. If you too want to change your life, here is the link. Watch this video
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Tejas Padasalagi

Exporter, Youtuber, Import Export Coach

CEO Rokkamint Group

The Journey

I started my career as an Automotive Engineer back in 2011 at COSWORTH (Formula 1 Engine Manufacturing company based out of the UK).
Then I moved to Ford Motor Corp, Thailand. My fervent passion for international business wasn't just a fascination—it was the driving force that inspired me to embark on the entrepreneurial journey and establish my own company. Every border crossed and culture understood fuels the soul of my enterprise. Here's a snapshot of my journey so far ...



Started ROKKAMINT. Got into Exports of Natural Stones like Granites, Marbles and a few building materials.


Got calling from within to give back to the society and started Youtube Channel, guiding people about Import Export Business.


From part of the money made out of Export Business, I got into Real Estate Business in Pune, Maharashtra.


Started Import Export Coaching/Training to reach out to more and more people in PAN India. To create a greater impact on society.

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I always believe that competition happens at the bottom, people at the top are collaborating. 


Our main focus and mission would be creating an eco-system for Importers/Exporters on which they can rely on forever to study, learn, innovate, share ideas, implement, collaborate, build new businesses and ultimately have a contentful life. 


We would want to accomplish our mission by having a visionary approach towards what we do. thus we are trying to create awareness, educate to more and more individuals through our content on social platforms, conducting courses, yearlong mentoring programs and generating more importers and exporters in our community. 


As the community grows the reach, the capability, the reliability and everything grows with time.

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Simple 5 steps process we follow:


Execution and Follow-up 

Buyer Identification 

Supplier Identification 

Product Selection



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